Speakers, coaches, and trainers are finding it more and more difficult to get in front of audiences, which is why so many of these experts like you are adding paid webinars to their business plans as a powerful and convenient source of revenue.

Technology expert Alfred Poor has put together a complete step-by-step course that shows you exactly what to do to build a reliable system to market your webinar, gather registrations, collect the fees, and build your email list.

The 75-page downloadable Guide comes with 11 videos that walk you through the entire process. It will save you days -- if not weeks -- of your valuable time so you can start making money from your expert knowledge using paid webinars.

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Webinar Success Formula makes it simple to organize your own paid webinars, step-by-step, that will
work first time, every time.

“Alfred always provides excellent information; I knew he could offer a systematized, logical approach.”

User feedback about the Webinar Success Formula.

Simple Step-By-Step Instructions

Some people have the technical knowledge and skills to figure all this stuff out for themselves. Other people can get lost down the rabbit hole of trying to get different services to work together, and dealing with complex configuration procedures. The Webinar Success Formula is for the non-technical user, and it shows you exactly what to do, step-by-step. You don't even have to understand it all; just complete the instruction, check the box, and move on to the next instruction. When you're finished, your paid webinar will be ready to start receiving registrations and collecting the money automatically.

Get to the Money Faster

The Webinar Success Formula course will save you days -- if not weeks -- of the time and frustration it could take to figure all this out on your own. If you figure your time is worth $30 an hour, and if this course saves you just three days of your valuable time, that's worth $720. In addition, you will spend $200 to $250 a month or more for the services required to organize and host paid webinars. If this course helps you get your paid webinars up and running a month sooner, that will also save you hundreds of dollars.

A Word From The Author

“I've taken dozens of free and paid online training courses to try to learn how to organize paid webinars. I took courses from the various services as well as online gurus. They all had a piece of the puzzle, but nobody put it all together in one place. After I put together my first successful paid webinars, hundreds of people asked me how I did it. And that's why I created the Webinar Success Formula.”